Innovative Ways to Spruce Up Your Retaining Walls

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Improving your property’s landscape is an extensive home improvement project that requires thorough planning and a lot of work. However, when done correctly, it can substantially upscale your home’s overall functionality and curb appeal. Aside from planting beautiful flowers in your garden and maintaining your lawn, another landscaping solution you can try is building a retaining wall. This landscape feature is an excellent way to define your space and add some unique visual interest to your yard or garden.

At Ipswich Retaining Walls, our proficient team has been can crafting and designing bespoke retaining walls for our customers throughout the town. We know that aside from the aesthetic purposes that retaining walls provide, they can also help prevent soil erosion and strengthen the foundation of the space where it will be installed. That is why we greatly recommend this landscaping feature for homeowners who wish to maximize and upgrade their outdoor living areas.

If you want to improve your existing retaining wall or planning to add one in your sunk-in backyard, our team got you covered! We have rounded up some innovative ways to spruce up your retaining walls. Look into the ideas we will share so you can have some inspiration for your next home improvement project.

Use Irregular Flagstone

Contemporary designs don’t always have to look uniform. To create an interesting appeal for your retaining walls, you can try using irregularly shaped and sized flagstone pieces. You can still attain the functionality you require for your walls, but this style can be a centrepiece and unique feature in your landscape.

It will give your yard a rugged and rustic aesthetic that can be mellowed down using flower-bearing plants. You can experiment with the colours, shapes and sizes of the flagstone pieces you will use. However, installing this type of retaining wall is quite a complicated project to accomplish by yourself, so we recommend seeking the help of professional retaining wall builders near you.

Build a Tiered Terrace

For those who wish to achieve a gentle and levelled slope in their yard, it might be a good idea to use multiple low retaining walls and create a tiered terrace. You can use the first level as a functional seating area, while the other levels can help define the landscape of your space.

The tiered levels are also an excellent way to build rows of flower beds in your garden. You can pack each level with a different plant or flower. Besides that, you can also integrate some decorative pebbles and accent lights on each level to make it more appealing at night. The only downside with this type of retaining wall is that it can be labour intensive and might need an increased budget.

Experiment with Multicolor Natural Stones

If you are not that adept at maintaining flowering plants in your garden, a great alternative you can try to keep your landscape colourful and unique is using natural stone or pebbles that come in a myriad of colours. Instead of the usual uniform colour for the whole wall, you can mix and match pastel shades or neutral tones in your retaining walls. This will help your space to look quirky and vibrant without being too distracting in your landscape. You can also integrate a staircase in your yard using the same materials for your retaining walls to create a sense of continuity in your landscape.