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Driveways in Ipswich

Are you considering upgrading your driveway, as it is starting to show signs of wear? Or are you looking for a way to improve your home’s curb appeal? Concrete driveways offer durability and can withstand whatever vehicle is in our garage (or outside). They can also be customized with unique designs or vibrant colours to create an eye-catching look; add surface textures for more variety! Beauty, strength and longevity make concrete surfaces great value additions.

We know first impressions are critical when meeting with clients, so we use the highest quality materials for our work. This ensures that you’re going to be happy and impressed from start to finish!

Ipswich Retaining Walls is your one-stop shop for all of the outdoor needs you could possibly have. With a diverse range of services, including concrete driveways and retaining wall installations, we guarantee that your space will be beautiful from day one!

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Experienced Builders

For the last decade, our expert retaining wall builders have earned massive experience in installing high-quality retaining walls of different materials and systems.

On-Time Delivery

Time is gold and we respect your time. We are proud to say that all of our projects were finished on time with more than 89% of them being delivered before the deadline.

Premium Materials

Quality is in our DNA. We value quality above all and because of that, we only use high-quality and premium materials in all retaining walls we build.

Benefits of Concrete Driveways

Concrete has been the most popular construction material for decades. Here are some benefits of concrete driveways you should know about when thinking or replacing your current driveway:


Concrete installation for a driveway surface can cost more than installing with gravel or asphalt, but it is definitely worth the investment. A concrete surface will last longer and be able to withstand all four seasons without changing too much of its appearance through time – making your property look well-maintained at all times.


It has been said that concrete driveways are maintenance-free, but for those who want to keep their driveway in tip-top shape, you’ll need occasional cleaning and sealing. Cleaning your driveway involves using a hose with pressurized water which will help remove dirt or debris from the surface; use a stiff-bristled brush if there are any stubborn stains (i.e., oil). To prepare for winter months it’s always best practice to seal your parking area before snowflakes fly so as not to leave yourself exposed during harsh winters or when road salt covers everything else!


A driveway is a great way to handle heavy loads. Concrete patios have been around for centuries, and their durability has never changed! Unlike asphalt surfaces, concrete can take the weight of anything without any problems at all – it’s just too thick for those pesky cracks or divots that show up on an uneven surface.

You might ask why you need such a durable material when your property garage only contains cars. What if one day there was something much heavier parked in front of your house? You could be dealing with expensive repairs (or worse!) if not careful enough about this whole thing: don’t let yourself get caught unprepared like so many others before you!

Why Choose Bunbury Retaining Walls

For more than a decade, Ipswich Retaining Walls has provided professional and high-quality retaining wall solutions in and around the city of Ipswich. During this time we have learned that there are many different types of driveways to choose from here at our company: concrete path walks, asphalt drives with decorative curbs or stone-paved approaches designed for an elegant home entrance. We offer all these services plus expert installation so you can rest assured any project will be completed right on schedule!

Your driveways deserve a little love, and we’re here to make it happen. We’ll take care of everything for you – whether that means simple or complex paving work (or both!), our team is up for the challenge! What better way to set your parking lot apart from everyone else’s than with pavement that will last? You can relax knowing your property stands out as one of the best in town!