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LimeStone Walls

Limestones are very popular building materials for retaining walls. They are also the hardest to work with. That is is why it is important that you have a builder who knows exactly what to do. Call Ipswich Retaining Walls today to inquire about limestone walls and one of our experts will walk you through the different options that are available to you!


Concrete sleepers are small systems that are built primarily to control soil retention. Here at Ipswich Retaining Walls, we build high-quality and cost-effective concrete sleeper walls that are guaranteed to last long. Call us today to get a FREE quote and start your next project.

Perimeter Walls

When built around the perimeter of your property, retaining walls can also serve as an effective fencing system that protects your area. Perimeter walls can also be done using different materials like limestone, timber, or concrete. Call our hotline at (07) 3050 0766 to know more about the different types of perimeter walls we can build for you!

Are you looking for affordable and professional retaining wall services in Ipswich? Call us today to get a FREE quote!